Set up a Mentor Centre


What's involved in setting up a Marriage Mentor centre in your church?

This is not another programme. It is a tool you can use to supplement the other great things you are already doing for marriages.

If you can get at least two couples in a room together for 3 hours you have all you need. We also recommend that pastors find a marriage champion in their church to get this going. We provide a coach to help them every step of the way. Every church has couples that could build into younger couples and take the pressure off of the pastor/staff encouraging couples.

$50.00 per Mentor couple to attend the Marriage Mentoring training run by FamilyLife. This includes a Marriage Mentor Guide plus a Conversation Guide. (Your Mentor couple would then purchase their own Conversation Guide for $20.)

The Marriage Mentoring Initiative is brought to you from FamilyLife New Zealand. We provide coaching and resources that equip churches to encourage couples in their community.

If you have one couple that wants to help marriages you are big enough. It is scalable to fit any size church.

My church would like help to set up a Marriage Mentor centre