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Resources to help you from FamilyLife NZ


Putting First Things First

A weekend planning guide for couples by Andy & Nikki Bray
  • helps you spend time on the important, rather than the urgent
  • helps you bring your two busy worlds together
  • helps you feel in control of your life
  •  helps you to discover each others dreams and goals





Small Talk 

helping families to really connect by Andy & Nikki Bray

  • Table Topics - mini dinnertime devotions 
  • Date Night Cards - for couples to grow
  • Question Cards - to help parents get to know their children
  •  Love Bites - affirming cards for your child's lunchbox




 Treasures in the Darkness

A story of love and loss by Andy Bray

  • This book is a testimony to the power of a faith, and the endurance of love
  • Inspiration to persist through tough times
  •  Helps you gain perspective on what's most important
  • A great gift to give to someone facing loss or serious illness