Weekend to Remember


Weekend To Remember

A Weekend To Remember Getaway is a marriage conference uniquely designed to enrich your relationship. For most couples it’s a chance to reconnect, re-establish the foundation and rekindle romance.  For others, it’s a fresh start. For some, it will be the weekend that saves a marriage

For those of you who are dating or engaged it's the opportunity to learn the foundational principles of what it takes to be successfully married for life.

It can be an eye-opener, a reality check or an inspirational experience: 

Dates for 2020

17-19 April
Auckland, Waipuna

$285 per couple
(this does not include accomodation or booking fee)





• Those with Gift Vouchers phone to book: 0800 800 680
• Discount available for Regular Donors (friends of FL)
Funding on application for Pastors and those seeking financial help.


Weekend Schedule

Friday night
7:00 pm Welcome & introduction
7:30 pm Session 1. Five myths of marriage 
8:15 pm Supper break 
8:45-9:30 pm Session 2. Let’s talk
9:30 am Session 3. The master plan 
10:15 am Morning tea break
10:45 am Session 4. Celebrating differences 
11:40 am Project & Lunch (married couples) 
11:40 am-12:30 pm Prep for marriage / re-marriage (optional) 
12:30 pm Lunch 
1:30 pm Session 5. Handling conflict 
3:00 pm Afternoon tea break
3:20-4:30 pm Session 6. Sex in marriage
9.30 am Session 7a. Woman to woman 
9.30 am Session 7b. Man to man 
10:20 am Morning tea break 
10:35 am Session 8a. Mum 
10:35 am Session 8b. Dad 
11:30 am Project & lunch 
1:10 pm Session 9. Managing pressure in marriage 
1:50 pm How you can make a difference 
2:10 pm Afternoon tea 
2:30 pm Session 10. How marriages thrive 
3:15-3:30 pm Conclusion

 Please note that your conference fee covers Friday night supper, morning and afternoon teas for Saturday and Sunday, course content, manuals and goodies.