Understanding One Another

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         Learn how to celebrate your differences

"It's like the lights went on for us!"

Why is that those differences that initially attracted you to one another when you first met, now cause feelings of frustration?   

Often it’s just a lack of understanding.

FamilyLife present the Understanding One Another workshop. This fun, practical seminar is designed to equip you with a life-time tool that will show you how your differences can be maximised for good. Many couples have said “it was like a light going on in our marriage.” 

The questionnaire that we use comes from Everything DISC by Wiley and our team are qualified DISC trainers. 



Your Presenters

Steve & Leanne Hooper


FamilyLife speakers and accredited DiSC presenters, will help you learn how to understand and adapt your behaviour to get along better with others; not only your spouse, but also your children, your workmates, in fact, just about anyone.