Celebrate your Differences

Join us for this fun, practical workshop, designed to equip you to maximise your differences and make all your relationships stronger. Learn how to get along better with your spouse, your children, friends or workmates. We just know you’ll love it.

"It's like the lights went on for us!"

Why is it that those differences that initially attract us to one another when we first meet, now cause feelings of frustration?

Often it’s just a lack of understanding.

FamilyLife worked with the original DiSC Profile System to create “Understanding One Another”; a fun couples workshop. This workshop provides contrasting individuals with the practical tips they need for success and help to maintain a happy, loving and successful relationship over the long haul. As you understand your different behavioural styles it can open the door for greater levels of communication, encouragement, respect, acceptance and intimacy. The goal of a successful marriage is learning to complete one another, rather than compete against each other.

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What other couples have said

“Helped me understand myself and why I react the way I do. More importantly it helped me understand why my husband reacts the way he does.”

“The information in this seminar has been a huge help in how we relate, not only to one another, but also to our children and people at work”.

“This is the best thing we have ever done. It has been a huge help in understanding, and relating better to one another as a couple”.

Learn to COMPLETE rather than COMPETE

We all have differences. In fact, if the 2 of us were the same then one of us wouldn't be needed in this partnership. By learning how to appreciate your partner for who they are, we can learn to work together as a team.

Discover how to

how to

celebrate your differences


your differences

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