Will a getaway really make a difference? 
Here are some comments from a recent Weekend to Remember getaway


us brochure coupleEngaged?

Thinking about marriage.

"Prepared us with some essential tools for our upcoming marriage, excellent conversation topics."

 "This conference was an Engagement Gift - we feel so blessed because there are many things that we can apply and enjoy in our marriage."

close at strMarried?

Want to make that great marriage even better?

 "Drawn us closer together. I appreciate my wife more than I did at the honeymoon stage"

 “Powerful speakers sharing authentic stories and practical insights, equipping us to love, live, forgive.”

 “It was an eye-opener and a reality check and an inspiration to be the best husband and dad I can.”

“Given me renewed hope in what our marriage can be. I want to come back!”

”Like drinking from the river of life!”


big hugEmpty Nest?

Having to adapt to a new life without the kids?

 "Should have done this years ago. My heart has been touched quite profoundly and impressed by the insights shared by such personal speakers who have been so generous sharing their life stories. I know that our marriage will be transformed."


conflict6.jpgDrifting apart?

Every marriage needs to be refreshed, renewed.

“I left my husband 3 weeks ago! We have some tools to use to work through our many challenges. I think we can do this. Hope.”

“Relief that we persevered through our separation to get back together and make it work!”

"Saved us from the likelihood of break up."